Saurabh Van Vihar is named after Captain Saurabh Kalia, a Kargil Shaheed which is Situated in Neugal near Palampur (2 km away) and  managed by the Forest Department of Himachal Pradesh .


Captain Saurabh Kalia: Who lost his life first in Kargil !

Captain Saurabh Kalia is the name of the soldier who is considered the first martyr of the Kargil war. Captain Saurabh Kalia was martyred while protecting the country at the age of just 22. During the Kargil War, he was assassinated by the Pakistan Army and tortured him severely.
Was made captive during patrolling, then tortured

Captain Saurabh Kalia was patrolling along with his five comrades, during which time the Pakistani Army took him captive and carried out various kinds of torture while in captivity. Sourabh Kalia was the first officer of the Indian Army who first gave information about Pakistani infiltration along the Line of Control. He is said to have been hit by a rod, with his eyes torn and the private part cut off, and then killed. A Pakistani-occupied radio was first reported to have arrested him.


The park has been established to the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and also make them aware of the importance of nature and environment. surrounded  by majestic and picturesque Dhauladhar mountain ranges the park encompasses Picnic Sheds, Water bodies, Health trails, Open Air Theater, Bambusetum, Tiger Hill Bridge, shrubs and 151 species of herbs plants.

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Sourabh Van Bihar cannot get survival due to disaster

In the month of September, due to heavy rains, a cloudburst flood in the Thathari village led to the flooding of Newgal near Saurabh Van Vihar, and the entire Saurabh Van Vihar was destroyed along with the lake boat Bihar.

The tourists coming from outside are feeling disheartened when they come here and change its form into ruins. Palampur is blessed with beauty for its beauty, the expenditure estimate of about 50 crores on this Saurabh Van Bihar, which has been a victim of natural calamity from time to time, has been staring at the government on behalf of its renovation.

 Saurabh’s  Kalia father said

Martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia’s father Prof. NK Kalia said that the sooner the Saurabh Van Vihar, the victim of natural disaster, will be brought to its old form, it will be a true tribute to the martyrs in the true sense. From the point of view of tourism, complete construction of this is necessary, this will facilitate tourists, while employment of thousands of youth will also be created.