Beautiful and Peaceful village Rodi

Palampur is a  beautiful city,  there are 395 villages in  palampur. but  like one of most village name Rodi khalet In this village many god and goddess resides here. Bhole Nath is known as Pipleshwar Mahadev

  • Bhole Nath Temple
  • Temple of Ram Sita Laxman
  • Shree hanuman’s temple
  • And the temple of Shani Dev is also here.

Inderunag ji resides in Rodi village
In the rhinos, Nag resides under a large stone rock.
Also, his sister, whose name was Rodi, is also inhabited by a very big stone.
Many times they have been seen traveling outside.

Some time ago, someone greedily tried to break the stone,But he got sick, Then someone from the village had a dream that the snake is inhabited in it. Do not break it.
Since then, no one dares to do this courage, and in every auspicious work there, first of all, an invitation is given to the residence of Nag ji ,his is the reason  the village was named Rodi


MR JUGAL KISHORE one of the most famous Bollywood actor director .

Who belonged also a small village Rodi (Thakurdwara) near Palampur (Kangra) Himachal Pradesh. Jugal kishore lost his father at an early age. He was from a very poor family so for livelihood he went to Mumbai. He made a few Punjabi and Hindi films.